Professional photographer Allan Shoemake was having problems with lighting when skyping his daughter who was studying overseas. He made the first prototype with Christmas lights around his laptop. Over the past few years Shoemake made several tweaks to his design and the first case was officially launched in 2014. Since then their year-over-year sales have increased over 7000 percent. Before LuMee, Shoemake worked as a photographer for 30 years taking photos for annual reports and advertising campaigns. He also worked in portraiture, capturing world icons such as former US President Bill Clinton and baseball legend Joe Torre.

LuMee is the first company to make patented and illuminated cell phone case with a strong reputation for it's quality. The LuMee case is available in a various of sizes and brands including; iPhone 5/5S/5SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6. Each product comes in rose, gold, silver, rose gold, black, white, mint, hot pink and navy. The case itself will not only light you perfectly with their studio quality lighting, but it also will protect your phone from impact with it's hard durable plastic.

The LuMee case has a life span of up to two hours on full power, but will last 36 hours at the lowest brightness. Recharging requires 30-45 minutes and does not charge your phone at the same time. It also features a dimmer which can be activated by simply holding down the on/off button on the back of the case.

After Kim Kardashian discovered LuMee, she quickly partnered with the brand in 2016 sharing with her millions of followers on social media how to get the perfect selfie. Kardashian even designed two marble-look cases for the brand earlier this month.

However, she isn't the only one to discover LuMee and with the help of Teen Vogue, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan and Oprah it's cult following grows. LuMee products can be currently purchased on their website, Amazon, Saks 5th Avenue and Urban Outfitters with prices ranging from $49.95 to $59.95.