Margarita Robertson of NOM*D

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Designer of NOM*D, Margarita Robertson, names a career highlight, showing at London Fashion Week in 1998. This show was the catalyst for international NOM*D sales as well as working with woven fabrics beyond knitwear which they had been working with since 1986. With a love of black and dislike for muffin top exposing low waisted jeans Margarita concentrates on quality and intriguing  black silhouettes. Margarita now has an Honorary Fashion Degree at Otago Polytechnic but started her Dunedin based brand entirely being a dedicated follower of fashion in her youth. NOM*D is all NZ made and this will be their 11th year at NZ Fashion Week. Margarita evolves and develops her brand one collection at a time and enjoys fusing utilitarian pieces with knitwear. She is a driven individual that paves the way for NZ fashion.

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