Material Innovation at the Forefront for Kiwi Brand

Off the back of a successful introduction of vegan leather capsule into their mainline collection, Deadly Ponies present a new, intricate development - achieving a soft sand hue for the first time, creating a limited edition alternative.

Working with a New Zealand weaver, the capsule features handwoven rattan handles, and willow charms in geometric silhouettes.

The limited edition capsule is available in much-loved shapes, Mr Sling Mini, Mr Minimese and Mr Mini Leopard in sand, with the handles available for purchase separately to add to any companion.

"For this exclusive capsule, we have worked with New Zealand weaver Tanya Doty, who brings a contemporary feel to the age-old craft of basket making," explained Deadly Ponies Creative Director, Liam Bowden. "Tanya has created handles and charms to adorn our cactus leather bags using natural fibres such as raupo, pine needles, rattan, and foraged fibres."

Handcrafted locally in New Zealand by solo artist Tanya Doty, the limited edition rattan handles and willow charms are delicately woven and manipulated to create unique pieces of art. Using an artisanal technique, each piece can take hours to slowly weave by hand; a labour of love and a keepsake for true Deadly Ponies fans.

Sourced from an organic cactus plantation in Mexico, only the mature leaves are harvested to ensure sustainable plant regeneration - with the pulp used for medicinal purposes. The nopal cactus leaves are then sun-dried, before being processed into the innovative, organic cactus leather.

Deadly Ponies worked closely with the supplier to produce a plant-based leather that met their strict design and manufacturing specifications, ensuring the product remained synonymous with the iconic texture and quality of the brand’s existing leathers. Previously offering the capsule in black classics, sand will be limited in availability.

This new material had to be totally sustainable, but also achieve a similar look and feel to our more classic leather finishes that our products are known for. It took another year of development to achieve the perfect composition.