McCartney to Address Harmful Impact at COP26 Climate Summit

Located in Glasgow in November, the COP26 Climate Summit will host more than 150 contributors including leading climate strategists, innovators, and leaders of the industry. UK fashion designer Stella McCartney will address the damage the fashion sector has had on the environment. McCartney is known for campaigning on climate and environmental issues and is just one of many A-list speakers for the event.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney will address the harmful impact of the sector on the environment in an address to the COP26 Climate Summit taking place in Glasgow later this year. She said the fashion industry's impact has "gone under radar" and action is required on more sustainable footing.

McCartney also joined a group of business and government leaders gathered together by Prince Charles ahead of last month’s G7 Summit of government leaders. Prince Charles has authored a Magna Carta-style charter to encourage the private sector to invest in climate action. He has been championing the environment and climate change for decades.

Ministers from more than 50 countries are arriving in London for a critical talk to lay the groundwork for global climate action in preparation of the November event.