Meghan Williams, Fashion Tech

As a child, Meghan Williams loved playing with Barbie and Woodkins Dress Up Dolls. The ability to create different outfits from scraps of material was fascinating to her. With support throughout her schooling life towards her passion for fashion, Williams chose New Zealand Fashion Tech to further her education. An essential part of her time at Fashion Tech was learning how to digitise patterns on PAD and archiving patterns and blocks.

Williams presented three looks in her end of year show and walked away with the Most Commercial prize, sponsored by Apparel Maga-zine. “It was such a surprise, and I am extremely grateful for it,” she said. For this collection, Williams wanted to create an effortless silhouette that celebrates the feminine figure. “Especially the back and the curve from the waist to hips. I chose linen as it is durable, feels good next to the skin and has exceptional coolness in hot weather.”

The ability to create anything she imagines is what inspires Williams. She would love to work with top designers to gain industry insight. In the future, Williams would also like to open a store after she has a better understanding of the industry. She has found that there isn’t much support in the industry for emerging designers. “Talented young designers are trying to survive in an industry where garments have a brief shelf life. Garments are expensive to produce, specifically if you want to keep it local.” Williams really enjoys e-commerce and the online side of things and would like to pursue this.