Mission Impossible: Fallout

The Mission Impossible series has come back this year to delight its fans with some serious plot twists and action. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) who is on a new mission to prevent the world from a major nuclear attack, takes us to Berlin, Paris, London and Kashmir where he once again, shows us his exceptional fighting and driving skills.

Costume designer, Jeffrey Kurland had the responsibility to dress the characters in accordance with their hectic lifestyle and personalities. Military wear was with no doubt this movie’s biggest inspiration with a range of functional jackets, army overalls and Khaki and brown being the predominant colour in the men’s wardrobe. Contrasting with the abundance of suits and army inspired clothes was the character of Luther who gave us some serious 1920’s vibes with his colourful polo shirts and straw hats. With a male dominant cast, female characters only made short appearances on screen. However, it didn’t stop them from making some superb fashion statements, especially the White Widow’s first scene where she is pictured in a glamorous and sexy ivory ensemble.