Mitchell Vincent


Mitchell Vincent always knew he would work in a creative industry. He also knew fashion would always be a part of his life. It was just a matter of when. Mitchell has now found the courage to jump head first into the fashion industry and make an independent impact. His career highlight is having the opportunity to spend an evening with Jimmy Choo in Malaysia. After that night he flew back to New Zealand to graduate in fashion design at Wintec, Hamilton, and it has been all go since then.  Mitchell is inspired to create clothing with an edge and a hidden meaning. What Mitchell’s garments really come down to is the material and their fit. Mitchell’s label is functional and he prefers a look that comes together effortlessly. The label lives on simplicity, sophistication and a bit of rebellion. In this way Mitchell sees his brand as a form of architecture. His brand has the ability to move within a modern and minimalistic aesthetic that uses sustainable fabrics. When asked for a favourite trend in fashion, Mitchell says he is interested in silhouettes. His style and design ideas are constantly changing and usually evolve around tailoring or lack of. What Mitchell does not like about fashion is the filtering down of trends to the extent that is it lost and becomes misused. Mitchell Vincent Collection will be shown in the Miromoda Showcase at NZFW 29th August.

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