Modern Day Biker

Without a doubt one of the most reliable trends, biker jackets and motorcycle detailing are once again at the forefront of the fashion industry as designers look to capitalise on the “bad-boy” look.

Synonymous with youth rebellion, the leather biker jacket has become a symbol of the teen punk movement and has since been the focus for countless collections spanning over seven decades. Its popularity has been closely linked to Hollywood with classic actors like Jimmy Stewart, Marlon Brando, James Dean and Harrison Ford helping it achieve legendary status.

In fashion, some of the earliest leather jackets came out of the family run Schott NYC factory, which continues to produce quality clothing today.

"The Perfecto has a spirit of its own. It's for a bad boy, a rebel, an independent thinker. Even though everything here was designed for a practical purpose, it's all been reinvented by people wearing them," said Jason Schott, CEO and great-grandson of Schott NYC founder Irving Schott.

Looking forward, a new influx of leather jackets have hit the market led by high-end designers including Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Givenchy. Closer to home, Hailwood, Julian Danger and Stolen Girlfriends club all showcased biker influenced leather jackets at NZFW, spanning across both men’s and womenswear.

Titled Township Rebellion, Stolen Girlfriends Club celebrated 10 years in business with its latest collection at NZFW, which was true to its name and paid homage to the designers’ upbringing. It’s no surprise to see a biker jacket in the mix as the brand continually reinforces its alternative vibe in all of its offerings.

Julian Danger used the classic black leather biker in conjunction with a range of soft colours and fabrics that walked the line between airy and tomboy for an overall interesting offering.

Hailwood stepped away from the usual black and opted for a tan colour palette when it came to the leather jacket. Paired with a geometric multi-coloured print, the combination read more playful then serious but equally stylish as others seen this season.