New AI-Based Tool Finds The Perfect Sunscreen Tailored For You

Sunscreen labelling is confusing for both the person creating it and the person reading it. 40 percent of consumers in Australia and New Zealand cannot tell you if the sunscreen that they're using offers a broad spectrum protection or not, and this is all due to the confusing labels these products have.

A new AI-based tool has been created by a personalised skincare advice startup called What's In My Jar, that helps consumers choose the right sunscreen for each individual based on their skin type, lifestyle and budget.

What's In My Jar's free Sunscreen Finder tool is a chat-based automated assistant that gives sunscreen recommendations personalised for each individual. The tool evaluates formulas, a product's ability to provide stable broad-spectrum sun protection and also assesses the risk of skin and eye irritation. It also checks if a product leaves a white cast (thus, being unsuitable for people of colour) as well as if a product is accessible for a particular person due to their geographic location.

"Many consumers, especially people of colour and people with sensitive skin struggle to select a sunscreen that works for them. Sunscreen formulations are incredibly complex, and the 'one size fits all' approach isn't working," said Maria Semykoz, Co-founder and CEO of What's In My Jar.