New Balance Debuts Unisex Line

New Balance have officially released their new Uni-ssentials range, a line of unisex apparel along with a reimagined edition of the XC-72 shoes in two new refreshing colourways.

Uni-ssentials is a contemporary, gender-neutral style of sportswear staples. The new unisex apparel offers a new sizing method inclusive of all gender identities, featuring five unique sizes. It blurs the line between traditional men’s and women’s size and offers authentic unisex sizing, empowering self-expression.

The traditional S-XL sizes have been reformatted to distinct blocks based solely on body shape rather than pre-conceived concepts of fixed sizes.

The Uni-ssentials range includes crews, tees, shorts, and sweatpants offered in sizes 1 to 5 and is big step forward towards gender-inclusive fashion.