New Balance Sustainability-minded Sneaker, ‘ReWorked’

New Balance Vision Racer ReWorked

Activist and artist, Jaden Smith, has just debuted the latest release of the Jaden Smith Vision Racer collection with New Balance. The collection is partially crafted with recycled and surplus materials. The Vision Racer ReWorked is part of the continued collaboration between the brand and Smith. The sneaker reinforces both Smith's and the brand's enduring commitment to sustainability.

Jaden Smith in New Balance Vision Racer ReWorked

"In our commitment to contributing to a healthier planet, we've continued to think bigger in terms of unconventional innovation and the Vision Racer ReWorked is a great example of that," said Alex Carlson, Senior Designer Materials Innovation and Sustainability for New Balance.

We approached this launch with Jaden Smith, a leader in environmental activism, through the lens of reducing waste long term and created a product that uniquely transforms recycled materials as a result while maintaining the style and trend-forwardness for which the Vision Racer is known.

The Vision Racer ReWorked is made of a midsole that contains a 5 percent EVA regrind, alleviating a potential waste stream. The material used in the upper and the tongue contains 74 percent Spinnex fibre (Spinnex includes at least 30 percent textile waste), 16 percent polyester and 10 percent Spandex. New Balance's Spinnex material incorporates factory waste cut-offs into a new usable material.

"Whether it's starting JUST water or collaborating with New Balance, I'm energetically interested in bringing more sustainable options and features into everyday lifestyle items and everyday culture," said Smith.

These items act as a lens into ways more people can participate in better global health with simple choices while learning and becoming smarter, more aware of the solutions that are out there. We just need to demand them to choose them.

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