Wittner Brand Re-established

Wittner's new campaign and collection, named 'Established', plays a homage to Wittner's heritage while also being a marker of the Wittner brand being re-established.

The collection marks one year since COVID-19 lockdowns disrupted business. Wittner focuses on heritage and re-alignment via their websites and social media platforms.

"The shoot was inspired by our long heritage of supporting women through the seasons and the different elements - including style, quality and craftsmanship, that make Wittner so unique," said Catherine Williamson, Wittner CEO.

We launched the collection exactly one year to the day of the COVID-impacted closure, and it's a campaign that showcases our resilience.

The collection consists of six designs perfect for the colder months coming up, shot in the autumnal shades of a native garden and rural home - the campaign is a testament to the brand's Australian roots and the natural materials that make the brand, iconic.