After 23 years with the Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Grieder will be stepping down to pursue other interests.

Martijn Hagman will take Grieder’s place in the company.

Hagman was the Chief Operating Officer at Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe as well as the Chief Financial Officer for Tommy Hilfiger Global.

Hagman has plenty of experience in overseeing operations, finance, digital business transformation, technology, business development as well as the Tommy Hilfiger Global sustainability program. Hagman has been a vital member of the Tommy Hilfiger team for 23 years.

“As we are in the midst of this seismic shift in our industry, we find ourselves in a unique position to make a change that I believe will launch us into a new era for the brand. It’s a good feeling to know I can pass my seat to Martijn – he’s been a true friend, trusted confidant and reliable co-pilot on the last 12 years of this journey. There is never a perfect moment to leave an organization you love; the options are to leave too late or too early, and I knew I wanted to make this change while still having the optimism, energy and passion I’ve always held onto in my career,” said Grieder.