Staying home has meant a sudden change in habits for sure. Customer data from the last two weeks of April through to the first two weeks of May sees customers shopping online as the ‘new normal’.

The data collected on consumer behaviour by Qubit tells us that the change in behaviour we have seen so far are likely to have been changed forever. Behaviours pre-COVID may have completely vanished as a result.

“For Instance, no longer will consumers be chained to an office desk as their main way of working. As a result, e-commerce brands will increasingly need to use AI in order to understand new and emerging customer behaviours to scale the effectiveness and relevance of their online store and serve their customers through customisation,” said Graham Cooke, founder of Qubit.

Data has shown a 20 percent decrease in visitors in the evening on weekdays during quarantine and further, affordable luxury brands have lost out on ‘peak’ hours where consumers habitually scroll e-commerce sites on the bus home or after work.

So, what’s the new ‘peak’ hour for online shopping? 9pm – 10pm. This is presumably the result of people changing their sleeping patterns, going to bed later as they do not have a long commute to work as they work from home. The extra time at night before bed has allowed consumers to go online and feed their retail desires.