Photo via Taylor Boutique

Well-known New Zealand fashion designer, Vicki Taylor, is passionate about supporting the New Zealand fashion industry, as a result, she has developed two logos that will help consumers instantly recognise if a product is fully manufactured in Aotearoa.

The 100 percent New Zealand Design and Manufacture logo has been developed to both celebrate and bring together New Zealand businesses who still actively support the New Zealand manufacturing industry by fully producing their manufactured lines in New Zealand.

It highlights brands that are fully manufactured in New Zealand, which is just as important as being designed in New Zealand. Being manufactured in New Zealand allows us to keep the skill base, experience, and industry knowledge alive within our community.

Over the last few years, New Zealand businesses have moved their production offshore, leaving a small and unique portion of manufactures that are still around – those who are the best in their field.

When items have this logo, it demonstrates that the designer has had direct contact with the manufacturer and has often been involved in every part of the production process.

Vicki Taylor, being a designer, business owner and consumer herself, is passionate that all customers should make informed choices when it comes to purchasing.

For more information on how you can register to display this logo for your business, email