New Sustainable Site Launches

Australia has welcomed a new shopping platform to their folds. Cristina Larisse is Aussie shoppers new go-to destination for handcrafted and sustainable footwear.

The site features a mixture of local and international designers who offer sustainable footwear at an excellent quality.

The site’s founder, Penny Tantalos, released a statement explaining the inspiration behind the new launch.

“I launched the online platform after struggling to find quality, unique and handcrafted shoes within Australia,” she explained. “I studied the art of shoemaking to further understand the craft, and using this knowledge, I travelled overseas to personally establish relationships with a range of Europe’s boutique designers and manufacturers.”

Tantalos shared that the site is constantly on the lookout for new brands who offer unique designs who fit the platforms sustainable message.

“In a market filled with fast fashion and disposable products, we want to make a bold statement as a slow fashion advocate and leader in handcrafted footwear,” said Tantalos.

To make the shopping process easier for customers, the site has a built-in sizing technology called ‘Right-Fit’. The service helps customers better understand the specific fit of each brand to ensure quality purchases. It also includes express couriers and free returns as a way of promoting transparent operations.

“We are committed to improving the accessibility of eco-friendly footwear, supporting sustainable designers and the working conditions for those within the shoemaking industry,” she concluded.