New Zealander’s are not the biggest fans

Australian and New Zealand shoppers may be even more different than originally thought as new research indicates a different frame of thinking between the two demographics. New Zealanders have been found to be both less enthusiastic and more disappointed by their shopping experiences, demonstrating a harsher set of standards for Kiwi retailers.

TruRating, a customer feedback provider, released research which indicated that New Zealand shoppers were less likely to be ‘fans’ of brands as well being more likely to be ‘disappointed’ by their shopping experiences than their Australian counterparts.

The information had been gathered over a nine-month soft launch period in collaboration with a selection of local retailers including Kathmandu and Bendon. Data showed that 64 percent of Australian customers considered themselves ‘fans’ of a brand after shopping with them, compared to only 54 percent of Kiwis. Additionally, only 18 percent of Australia customers claimed to be ‘disappointed’ with their shopping experience, compared to 24 percent of New Zealanders.

In addition to the rating system, TruRating provided insight into the different values Australian and New Zealand shoppers place on their retailers. Both cited overall in-store experience as their most influential factors, however, the product range was the second most important for Kiwi’s while service took the place for Australians. This difference in value placement could account for the variation in reception from these shoppers.