When starting a small business, the support of family can more often than not be the make or break factor in paving the way to success. For Julian Danger designer, Amy-Rose Goulding, this came in the form of her mother, Flavia Goulding.

Having already had experience running the family business of marine farming, Goulding was equipped to help her daughter out when she decided to launch her brand.

“I was on board from the beginning in a support role that evolved into managing the accounts for the business,” said Goulding.

Helping her daughter focus on design, Goulding ensured the Julian Danger brand continued to grow and taught her daughter the tricks of running her own business.

However, Goulding’s experience is not just in farming or fashion, having worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years as a registered nurse.

“I helped set up and co-manage, in the late 80s, an innovative health practice in Nelson called The Independent Nursing Practice that is still running and successful today.”

Producing off-shore in China, the company works closely with a small ethically sound family based cottage industry, of which Julian Danger has built strong relationships and supported the local community. This means that Goulding’s biggest role in the company is to travel with her daughter, handpicking fabrics for the collections and ensuring production is running smoothly.

“I have always been interested in fashion and made Amy-Rose’s clothes when she was a young girl. It was a natural progression for me when Amy-Rose decided to start the Julian Danger fashion label.”

Goulding remains consistently impressed and surprised with her daughter's work and uses her fashion skills to take part in the quality control process as well as any other way she can help.

“The best part is seeing the garments come together from an idea. It gives me extreme satisfaction to see a garment materialise from a single idea on a drawing, a spec sheet and a fabric sample.”

While the family business may be in marine farming, Goulding also has a green finger, tending to her personal gardens and pursuing other creative passions including painting, which she admits she wish she had more time to do.

“I love gardening. I particularly love native plantings which do very well in our coastal environments.”

As for the future, the more Julian Danger grows, the more responsibility Amy-Rose is taking on, learning every aspect of the business outside of just designing each collection. This means Goulding has more time to follow her passions, with hopes of travelling with her husband while continually supporting her family. She urged new designers looking at launching their brands to always trust their instincts, and follow their passions to the very end, never giving up without a fight.

“I have learned never to assume and always trust the ability of my offspring. I know that when goals are set by any of my children, they will be achieved to the very best of their ability.”