NZFW Makes a Comeback

NZFW will return to Auckland in 2021 after the impact of COVID-19 prompted organisers to cancel this year's event.

Organisers are planning a four-day celebration of New Zealand's fashion world with the shows being digitally amplified to reach a larger audience.

NZFW this year had incredible plans underway to celebrate 20 years of the event. COVID-19 was fast and frightening and organisers decided to postpone their event indefinitely in order to protect the health and welfare of stakeholders and participants.

Dame Pieter Stewart, founder and managing director of NZFW, said the decision to revive the event was taken after positive feedback from sponsors, partners and designers.

"The primary objective of New Zealand Fashion Week has always been to support the wonderful creative industry, designers and partners who are fundamental to its success. The impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry has been severe, with many of our designers facing an unprecedented challenge. We know New Zealand Fashion Week is an important platform to promote our wonderful industry and we promise to work more closely with local fashion leaders than ever before.”

Stewart believes that New Zealand fashion will come out of this stronger than even before. Next year during the 30th of August - 5th of September, NZFW will be celebrating their 20th anniversary of showcasing the best of local talent.

“While online platforms have become much more important to designers, digital events cannot take the place of the excitement, emotion and buzz generated at live gatherings, or the value of interacting directly with the consumer and I expect going forward that designers will hold their customer at the centre of their promotions."

Last year New Zealand Fashion Week consisted of more than 50 events for over 100 designers and was attended by 30,000 people.

Full details on the event programme, sponsor line-up and activation plans will be unveiled early next year.

We're so excited about the good news!