NZFW17 Designer Showcase: Helen Kaminski

In 1983, Helen Kaminski handcrafted a raffia hat to protect her child from the searing Australian sun. One year later, a Vogue editor discovered her first design, the Classic 5, and the rest is history. Thirty years later, Kaminski’s modest collection of hats has evolved into a global luxury accessories brand recognised for innovation, authenticity and style. With a commitment to sustainable practices and a focus on conserving traditional handcraft techniques, each Helen Kaminski piece retains a unique authenticity with its effortless signature style being translated globally. With offices in Sydney, New York City and Tokyo, Helen Kaminski has an international team of over 30 members.

This year Helen Kaminski will be showing at New Zealand Fashion Week for the first time. Collaborating with local designer Wynn Hamlyn, a highlight will be some of Kaminski’s couture head pieces for the show. Both brands have a retrained, effortless elegance and Kaminski is excited to bring the brand’s artisanal craft and playful, tailored approach to textiles and design to the show. A highlight in the collection is the exclusive pieces made for this particular show. “Our master craftsman, Garry Bishop, handmade each piece in our Sydney office exclusively for the Wynn Hamlyn parade at NZFW – we can’t wait to see them on the runway,” said Prue-ellen Thomas, Helen Kaminski’s global marketing manager.

Stocked in some of the most prestigious department stores and boutiques across the globe already, Helen Kaminski has a strong presence in Australia, USA, Korea and Japan. In New Zealand, they can be found in Smith & Caughey’s and a few select boutiques. “We’re hoping to meet new clients that share the same vision as us – an appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship and sustainable practices, fused with contemporary design and effortless style,” Thomas explained. “And expand our small but loyal New Zealand following with a few selected partners.”