NZFW17 Designer Showcase: Huffer

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Huffer is showcasing their AW18 collection and parts of their functional collections Down and Stay Dry at NZFW. “AW 18 takes a leap into the known unknown where tomorrow’s choices are yesterday’s reality. Bold red and dark navy, with contrast cream and khaki and pink to pop transcend seasonal into functional too. Huffer’s strength is to combine fashion and functionality and this collection is a great example of that work,” said managing director, Kate Berry. The Down collection delivers a functional garment with incredible warmth and a street appeal that is synonymous with Huffer.

Huffer has only missed one show in the last 15 years of New Zealand Fashion Week. “We had an amazing 10th anniversary show at Fashion week and this year will be our 20th anniversary so a lot to celebrate,” added Berry.

With six stores across New Zealand and two in Sydney, Huffer has two more locations on the way launching in the next few months. With over 75 staff members from retail to production to design, the heart of their business however is wholesale. They extend their reach with wholesale with each individual retailer who represents Huffer. “We have around 100 wholesale doors in New Zealand and currently 60 in Australia.”

There is a big collaborative design process and an eduring brand signature led by the brand’s founder and brand director, Steve Dunstan. He provides immense creativity to the design process and an innate brand understanding that drives the Huffer consumers know and love today.

Huffer originally started with two friends who were skate and snow boarders. The duo wanted garments that helped express what they did, but also had the functionality to keep up with the lifestyle they were leading. The market at that time was starved and Huffer gave them and their friends an identity to belong and from there the brand’s strength as an inclusive brand with a community spirit began.

“Fashion week this year is the chance for us to celebrate 20 years with the community that built us, to say thank you and to say hey it’s been a great ride and this is what we can deliver for you in the future. We have done 20 and we’ve got 20 more in us!”