Aurai Swimwear launched in New Zealand two years ago, owner and designer Natalia Bertolo is showcasing her third collection at New Zealand Fashion Week for the first time this year.

The origin of the label’s name is from ancient Greek mythology, Aurai were known as winged nymphs who carried messages for the Gods all over the world through the sea.

With a firm belief in sustainable business practices, her collection pays homage to her roots in Brazil. Bertolo is minimalistic by nature and stepped out of her comfort zone by looking at Copacabana and Brazil’s biggest fashion icon Carmen Miranda for colour inspiration. As the sole designer, Bertolo describes Aurai as her side project but often calls on her family in New Zealand and in Brazil to help with any loose ends she may have.

Bertolo is proud of her ethical and eco-friendly approach to her business and is starting to introduce the world’s first biodegradable yarn that rapidly decomposes after disposal. Bertolo also notes her collaboration with Karin Horen to create mastectomy-friendly designs as a highlight of this collection.

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