Inae Sung first saw a copy of Vogue when she was 14 years old and fell in love with the fashion industry. Unlike many fashion designers, Sung’s Korean childhood was not immersed in fashion - her parents were strict and bought sturdy dresses which would last a long time. After leaving high school, Sung studied a Bachelor of Fashion Design, before starting at London College of Fashion, where she studied Womenswear. After graduating in London in 2017, Sung launched her brand, O.L.O.H, and her first collection. O.L.O.H is named after her Korean first name, 인애, which looks like English letters.

Sung will be staging her first public runway show during Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection shown will be A/W 2017, and Sung has created a range based on Jan van Eyck’s 1434 painting The Arnolfini Portrait. Having created dramatic, high-fashion collections while studying at London College of Fashion, Sung’s Vancouver Fashion Week show promises to be a highlight. Taking inspiration from unusual places is a regular occurrence for Sung, who draws ideas from things she likes as well as dislikes. This goes hand-in-hand with Sung’s belief that design and production are not separate processes. “I believe that design and making are done at the same time. It starts with the design, but that is not the end because new designs are developed through making,” explained Sung. In terms of creativity, Sung’s approach is one of trial-and-error and experimenting to find the right look for her brand identity. Sung is also working on her brand’s social media presence.

Despite showing at an international fashion week already, Sung currently has no retail stockists - something she hopes will change after Vancouver. “This is my first visit to Canada. It would have been nice to have visited for travelling. However, it is much more meaningful to be the first to come for Vancouver Fashion Week.”