Growing up in Wellington, Olli Paroli started studying fashion at NZ Fashion Tech at just 17-years-old. “I have been furiously working on my post-graduate collection for New Zealand Fashion Week in August,” Paroli said. Last year Paroli was lucky enough to be chosen for the Prime Minister’s scholarship to study textiles and manufacturing for six weeks. Now 20-years-old, Paroli said he has always been fussy about what he wore. “I guess by making clothes and getting to style and curate someone’s look, I’m just projecting that issue onto other people.” During his time at NZ Fashion Tech, Paroli said the most important thing he learned was that mistakes are an opportunity disguised as a mis-step. Jimmy D, Kowtow, Daniel Palillo, and Discount Universe inspired Paroli to jump into the fashion industry. Over the past few summers, Paroli has been interning at Kowtow in Wellington. “I pack online orders mostly, as well as retail work, sample sewing, moving stock. They are such an inspiring team that I’m lucky to, intermittently, be a part of.”

At New Zealand Fashion Week, Paroli is excited to be displaying eight looks from his collection titled Shit Night Out. “It was inspired by Wellington’s sub-par nightlife and the anxiety I associate with that,” he added. Paroli has relished the whole process of designing this collection, even the unpicking.

Sustainability has been the biggest shift in fashion that Paroli has seen. “Transparent supply chains, fair trade labour, materials that are organic, recycled or upcycled. While it can sometimes come across as a contrived marketing gimmick, New Zealand is lucky to be rich in brands that are genuinely taking steps to reduce their imprint on the Earth and ensure the people that work for them are looked after.”

With the intent of creating a physical retail space, Paroli said for now online is an easier and quicker way to put himself and his brand out there. Currently accepting pre-orders for both collection pieces and custom work. For more information visit www.fb.me/shitnightout.