This month saw the launch of the OPSM Face Shapes story. OPSM teamed up with world-renowned face shape expert Dr. Kendra Schmid to analyse face shapes across Australia. They adopted the fashion photographer and street style blogger The Face Hunter to take photographs of a cross section of faces to determine different face shapes.

Prior to beginning the project, there was thought to be only four face shapes, however Dr Kendra Schmid’s found there to be an additional five shapes that faces can be categorised by.

In addition to round, oval, square, and heart she found kite, rectangle, teardrop, heptagon and oblong. Interestingly the most popular face shape was kite.

With this research OPSM are working to make it easier for customers to find eyewear that suits their face structure.

“Working with 14 different facial measurements ensures that unlike previous assumptions that would bucket someone into the square category as they had a square jaw line, we are taking into account all differentiating features of the face structure to determine the shapes,” said Dr Schmid.

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