Paris Good Fashion: The Future of Sustainability

Sustainability is the future for the fashion industry, and a group of elites in Paris are making strides to ensuring this fact. ‘Paris Good Fashion’ was launched at the Institut Français de la Mode by a group of sustainability-conscious individuals, and it preparing to revolutionise the industry.

The initiative intends to make Paris the home of sustainable fashion by 2024, and was created by a selection of sustainability-focused individuals; Français de la Mode deputy to Paris mayor, Antoinette Guhl, the deputy in charge of social economy and solidarity, Anne Hidalgo in charge of cultural diversity and nightlife, and Isabelle Lefort, a former fashion journalist. This diverse range of individuals creates a powerful force who will bring together entrepreneurs, brands and other industry officials to oversee the Paris fashion industry and their sustainability efforts in the coming years.

The initiative's efforts will be focused on three central areas; improving sourcing and traceability, creating a circulate economy and making processes such as energy, distribution and communication more sustainable. This has gathered support from brands such as Louis Vuitton as well as fashion institutions around the country such as the Ellen McArthur Foundation and the IFM.

One of the founders of the initiative, Antoinette Guhl, released a statement explaining their projects intentions and inspirations. “It’s our task to invent a new future for fashion,” explained Guhl. “Our role is to encourage creativity while fighting against climate change, to continue production in France while protecting natural resources and to develop our industry while looking out for our artisans. I hope this day marks the beginning of a collective movement within the fashion industry.”