PETA responds to Chanel’s ban on exotic skins

Fashion giant Chanel is the latest brand to call for a ceasefire between the fashion industry and animal rights activists who protest many of their shows.

The brand announced that they were initiating a ban on exotic animals in their future designs, furs and skins from animals such as crocodile, snake and stingray have been covered in the companies boycott. The brand cited difficult ethical sourcing as their primary reason for the change.

Animal Welfare organisation PETA released a statement congratulation the brand for their latest announcement. “The champagne corks are popping at PETA, thanks to Chanel's announcement that it's kicking fur and exotic skins—including crocodile, lizard, and snakeskin—to the curb,” said a PETA spokesperson. But the organisation is far from satisfied, and it continues to call on the rest of the fashion industry to get with the times. “For decades, PETA's affiliates have called on the brand to opt for luxury, cruelty-free fashion that no animal had to suffer and die for, and now it's time for other companies, like Louis Vuitton, to follow the lead of the iconic double C's and do the same.”

2018 has been a busy year for animal activists and a long list of fashion industry elites have been jumping on the anti-fur bandwagon. Chanel joins the likes of Michael Kors, Versace and Gucci in their cruelty-free efforts.