PUMA x Champions Chess Tour

One of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA, has signed a long-term contract with Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Through this collaboration, PUMA plans to build a bridge between the world of chess and the world of sport performance via engaging content and activations for chess fans globally.

Carlsen, a five-time World Chess Champion, is an enthusiastic sports fan and a perfect match for PUMA. At the early age of only thirteen, he won his first World Chess Championship in 2013 and became the youngest Grandmaster at the time. In 2014, he became the highest-rated player in chess history.

“We often think of sports as being physical, but you also need mental strength,” said PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden. “Few people embody that spirit like Magnus, who is widely regarded as the best chess player of all time. We are proud that he has become a part of the PUMA Family.”

As part of the partnership, PUMA will be supporting the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, which is managed by the Play Magnus Group, founded by Carlsen. The tour is the most anticipated event in the calendar amongst the chess community and garners millions of fans worldwide through its innovative presentation of chess as a spectator sport.

“Being part of a great company such as PUMA and joining so many people that I personally admire, is special to me. As a chess player, I am a huge fan of sports and that makes this partnership even better,” said Carlsen.

Hand in hand, Carlsen, Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and PUMA will help spread the influence of chess and bring the sport forward to millions of fans everywhere.

Further details regarding the partnership and PUMA’s involvement with the Meltwater Champions Chess tour will be announced at a later stage.