Queensgate Shopping Centre celebrates Autumn Winter 2019

The Queensgate Shopping Centre had their 2019 Autumn Winter launch this week, bringing fashion fanatics from across the country to the beautiful mall.

Stylists, designers and retailers all gathered to celebrate the coming season, and the fresh new trends arriving alongside it. Some of the hottest trends for the shopping centre this season include animal prints, neutral tones and heavy layering, all of which made appearances throughout the showcase.

A highlight of the event was an experimental 'selfie station' along with dressing rooms and racks full of the newest collections from across the centre. Visitors could try on the latest releases, snap a picture and shop for themselves, all while enjoying nibbles and rubbing shoulders with fashion elites.

There are plenty of events planned for the coming months at the Queensgate Shopping Centre, including free styling sessions and a kid's friendly easter gathering.

Photo Credits to Neil MacKenzie