Exclusive content including limited-edition product releases will be available for access for Ralph Lauren fans in the corporation’s new, free mobile app set to go global in 2019. Created to better engage with clientele and millennial customers, the app offers editorial features, behind-the-scenes looks, and detail behind the story of the brand’s Polo Hi-Tech logo.

“This is a shoppable app, but that’s not really what it’s about. Our goal here is to create a culture and community that we’re a part of, where we can speak to our customers and learn from them,” said chief of innovation officer and vice chairman of the board of Ralph Lauren Corporation, David Lauren.

From new to vintage garments, Polo products can be previewed on the app and users will receive notifications when new releases are available. Users can also vote on product designs and submit questions to designers in an “Ask Ralph” function. In the near future, the app will expand to contain a forum for global Ralph Lauren collectors, enabling them to trade and connect over products with others.

“There are so many people who have been buying, trading and selling Ralph Lauren, that we thought it would be interesting to create something that united this community so that they could meet each other and learn about other collectors. If someone has a really cool sweater, let them sell it to each other. It’s a while trading ground,” said Lauren.

“It’s an opportunity for people who love Ralph Lauren to see products early and get the first peek at them, but it’s also a site by, for, and about our fans. Very curated, limited-edition stuff that you can’t find online will be here.”

The Polo app comes following the celebration of Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary.