Here are the three brands you need to be stocking in your store. For more information and insights see our latest issue of Apparel Magazine.

Caitlin Crisp started making her own clothes at the young age of 12 and went on to study fashion in Christchurch before making a name for herself as an emerging designer on Instagram. This year for NZ Fashion week Crisp opted for a very personal collection that she describes as feminine, fun and easy to wear. Sheer fabrics with a masculine cut turn out a modern and flirtatious look. The stand out piece a dress, shrouded in excesses of fabric, is the designer’s pet project. Crisp’s collection is completely driven by her own ideas. The prospect of putting out a self-titled, self-made collection can be a bit daunting, but Crisp seems to have pulled it off.

For more information visit www.caitlincrisp.com or @CaitlinCrisp on Instagram.

The Hillary family have developed a collection of functional, fashionable mountain wear in partnership with designer Dean Batty and brand co-founder Mike Hall-Taylor. A decade ago Hall-Taylor and Peter Hillary came up with the idea to create a line of clothing inspired by the outfits worn on Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s famous summit climb. The Hillary family worked with Batty to select a design route. They did this by going through photo albums from the 1953 expedition, as well as other momentous occasions in their patriarch’s life. One of the most iconic designs the team created was a replica of the jacket worn by Ed Hillary during his ascent of Everest. The Summit is a replica of the bright Royal Blue fabric originally worn but is made with Ventile and has updated brass accessories. To retain authenticity, original materials were used rather than using more modern technical options – this collection is not technically climbing gear but will do well on a ski trip.

For more information visit, www.edmundhillary.com

For the last twenty-one years, New Zealand’s most iconic streetwear brands Huffer has been the frontrunner for innovation and style. Initially designed primarily for use in the alpine environment “born in the hills and praised in the street” the brand has now planted its feet in streetwear. Firmly settled in the industry, Huffer has seven storefronts in New Zealand, three in Australia and is stocked in over one hundred and fifty wholesalers across Australasia. This year, to celebrate the brands twenty-first birthday, Huffer partnered with the Mental health Foundation to help highlight the importance of mental well-being.  To mark the special partnership, Huffer has designed a limited range of beanies and tee-shirts that are available to purchase after the show with all proceeds donated to the foundation.

For information visit www.huffer.co.nz