Raspberry Republic

Magdalena and Piotr Stepinski are a dynamic duo in business and out of it. The co-founders of Raspberry Republic work in perfect synthesis, with Magdalena responsible for the creative process and production while Piotr handles the marketing and sales. 

The two started their clothing brand in 2016 after becoming fed up with pointless corporate jobs. “We were always dreaming of a life where we would be in full control over our situation, and doing what we love,” said the Stepinskis. That life has come to fruition, with Raspberry Republic now available in more than 35 countries and the pair couldn’t be more proud.

The brand was the first in its segment to create clothes with certified organic cotton, and this led to it quickly taking off overseas rather than just locally, in the Stepinskis’ home town of Warsaw. Sustainable, ethical values are core to the brand, which ensures all it workers are legally hired, fully health-insured adults. “Since we are so close to our partners – both geographically but also relationship-wise – we have the opportunity to constantly visit them and check the working conditions ourselves.”

Raspberry Republic creates clothes for children aged from one month up to 11 years old. The prints are inspired by the couple’s travels, mythical creatures, and the environment. Most importantly, the brand wants kids to dress like kids. “We try to make clothes that the kids will love, rather than the parents,” said Stepinski. “Our main test pilots are our own three kids, who have a lot to say.”

The unique prints are what sets the brand apart from other childrenswear offerings. The creative pair aims to please their own imagination rather than anyone else’s, so each collection is a nice surprise for consumers whilst retaining a consistent illustration style. “We are just like a good restaurant: we take what the season and our imagination brings and leverage that to create awesome collections.” The twosome love the freedom to create that their jobs give them, and customers love the results.

Since Raspberry Republic’s first collection of twenty pieces, it’s grown to a SS19 collection of almost a hundred garments. It’s also expanded geographically, with New Zealand and Australian stockists picking up on the brand.

The brand is still taking orders for the SS19 collection coming in February so get in quick!

If retailers are interested in stocking Raspberry Republic, they’re best to contact Piotr at info@raspberryrepublic.com.