Marlow & Mae

Rebekah Sansbury is the founder and designer behind Marlow & Mae, a family-run business based out of Australia’s sunny Queensland. Established in 2015 after the birth of Sansbury’s first child, the company now ships more than a hundred orders worldwide every week. 

For two years Sansbury designed and sewed each garment herself, but when the business grew quickly around the time of her second child’s birth, the family knew it was time to invest in a manufacturer. “It was a huge decision to go from making the clothes myself and trusting manufacturing to have the same touch,” said Sansbury. “Looking back I’m so happy and proud with our end result.”

The quality of the clothing is of huge importance to Sansbury. “I want to offer pieces that will be loved and worn for generations to come,” she said. “You won’t find any fast fashion in our collection.” The designs are made in India, Nepal, China, and Spain, and the brand is currently working with a company in Turkey to bring in unique, hand-knitted pieces. 

A product Sansbury is currently excited about is Marlow & Mae’s new toddler Espadrille Avarcas sandals, which are made on Menorca in Spain. All the brand’s products are artfully and thoughtfully made, as well ethical. I love watching my children grow in our pieces,” said Sansbury. “I love how well made and original our designs are.”

Marlow & Mae carries garments in sizes from newborn to 4 years old. “The brand is currently exclusively sold online, and doesn’t offer wholesale. However, it plans to grow in the next few years and wholesale will soon be available. Retailers interested in stocking the brand can contact Sansbury at, where they will be added to a database for wholesale when it becomes available.