Raw Nature’s Organic Products

Two years ago, Nicky Jagger launched Raw Nature and has rapidly gained traction in the local market. Now expanding into Australia, Jagger said it all started after many years of making skincare products for herself and her young daughters. Jagger saw a gap in the market for effective natural body products that actually worked, but were also environmentally friendly. “Being a plastic friendly company is really important to us and we donate to New Zealand Sustainable Coastlines Charity as well.” Raw Nature does not compromise on the quality of their simple yet effective natural and organic ingredients. In fact, all of their ingredients can be pronounced and in most cases even eaten.

Since inception, Jagger has done everything from formulating and testing to packaging design and photography. Raw Nature's fresh approach to body care with natural and organic ingredients boast a strong range of over 20 different products including; deodorant sticks, dry shampoo powder, lip balm sticks, hair balm sticks, lotion sticks, bug repellent sticks and even a dog balm stick. Family and friends jump onboard whenever Jagger needs a hand to create her bold, bright and wonderful products. One of Raw Nature's top sellers is their Dessert Island Deodorant which comes in bright plastic-free guilt-free packaging. Lovingly made in New Zealand, Jagger was the first to use cardboard packaging.

Stocked online and with several retailers in New Zealand, Jagger is always developing new products that are good for not only her customers but the planet too. "We have some exciting products planned in the coming months. Watch this space."

For more information email hello@rawnaturenz.com or visit www.rawnaturenz.com.