Rhythm Section

Blake Lively plays Stephanie Patrick, a grieving woman who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of her family. Patrick discovers that the plane crash that killed her family was no accident, so she disguises herself as an assassin and commits to tracking down those responsible.

Highly established costume designer Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh transformed Lively and made her completely unrecognisable. Her transformation was dramatic, as she changed from a glamorous red-carpet wonder to a disordered and emotionally destructive mess. The actress sported a selection of wigs for the film including one cut into a short bob which is dyed an orangey blonde with dark roots to give an uncared-for appearance. Her style and ensembles changed as the assassin picked up various characters. Her stand out moments were those which did not encapsulate the usual glamour of the A-List actress. Her heavily layered and clashing ensembles were eye-catching for all the wrong reasons but were ideal for the character’s disguise. Old track pants, oversized puffer jackets and hoodies were the perfect pieces to allow someone to blend in and snoop around a crowded city unnoticed.

Lively was transformed in this new film, and the fashion moments were memorable for their power of characterisation, rather than their trendsetting ability.