Rosa Tous, TOUS

Rosa Tous first joined the family business in the 90’s when the brand began its international expansion. Her original position was to look after marketing and communications. TOUS was founded in 1920, but the firm took off in the 1960’s under the leadership of her parents Rosa Oriol and Salvador Tous. The focus on innovative design concepts made the brand stand out from traditional fine jewellery. TOUS has since become a lifestyle jewellery brand with a leading position in the affordable luxury segment with its lines of handbags, perfumes, watches, glasses, and other accessories.

The name TOUS from their hardworking family who had a dream. “We have worked with passion to achieve what TOUS is today, an affordable luxury jewellery brand and accessories recognised worldwide,” she said. The brand has a presence in five continents with more than 500 stores. Together with a committed and dedicated team, they remain faithful to the values of their trade as jewellers since 1920.

A gemologist by profession, Tous recalls her mother creating jewellery for her clients with precious gemstones. “She thought about how each jewel could complete the look for her clients, it’s a really important exercise,” she added. “We have been involved with the jewelry since we were little girls; my first job was as a shop assistant in our store in Manresa.” Tous studied in the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles and is still a member of the JORGC (the official association for Jewellers, Goldsmiths, and Gemologists of Catalonia). After studying, Tous joined her family and worked between the Manresa store and the Lleida store. In these stores Tous worked in front of the counter and helped in the design and purchase of the gemstones. Later on, she was in charge of the training department and then managing the marketing and communications of TOUS. Now Tous is the corporate vice chairwoman of the company where her main function is to look after the TOUS brand and image. She also represents the TOUS family and company as a spokesperson at institutional and brand events. The brand’s headquarters can be found in Manresa, Barcelona, where they have a factory for the production of jewellery and leather goods. This optimises the development process of the collections, with a logistics centre for jewellery and accessories. 500 professionals work on the premises and are part of the over 3,500 employees worldwide.

TOUS presents around 30 collections of jewellery and 50 of accessories per annum. Tous added that this meant the creative team is constantly working hard. “My sister, Marta Tous, as R&D Director, with all her team, works in the elaboration of the collections with the innovative spirit that characterises us. On the other hand, my mother has returned to its origins: designing unique pieces, playing and creating precious jewelry for Atelier TOUS.”

Tous believes the jewellery industry is slowly but surely evolving, but the brand tries to bring new technological innovation to their industry. TOUS combines traditional craftsmanship with state of the art technology. “It is a combination that allows us to create new designs, more efficient production processes, and a better product for our clients without detracting from our craft or the excellence and the respect that goes along with it.”

E-commerce has been of huge important to the brand as a result of the digital transformation of society. She explained that you have to consider that consumer habits have changed, particularly in the case of new consumers who are fully digitalised in the market. TOUS operates in over 50 countries with retail and 12 in e-commerce. “Internationalisation and e-commerce arise from our retail strategy, taking into account the current omni-channel commerce.” TOUS is continuing to expand internationally with 50 stores opening during 2016 and new entries into Czech Republic and Qatar. “China, a key growth market for the brand, is developing as planned and reached 15 stores at the end of the year, with two new flagship sites in the city of Shanghai planned to open during the first quarter of 2017,” Tous explained. “We need to be where our consumer is.”

Gwyneth Paltrow will be TOUS’ brand ambassador for two more years. “Gwyneth Paltrow has many qualities that we consider very close to the brand,” she said. “She is a person who fits perfectly with the values of our brand: tender, fun and young spirit.”

Tous’ mother, Rosa Oriol, is her biggest inspiration. “She’s the woman I admire the most. She is my mentor; she is elegant and persevering. She is the feminity in person. She is the kind of woman who defines the word ‘style’.”