Cameron Sneddon, former Welling Fashion Week creative director, called on Wellington City Council to correct comments made about outstanding debt. Sneddon and the Wellington City Council settled outstanding debts through an agreement in November 2016 after money was put back into the community by paying outstanding debts to local businesses and event participants. "The council made attempts to claim $28,000 in damages from Wellington Fashion Week which were dropped after was proven that the damages were a direct result of excessive targets and performance measures," said Sneddon.

The event was held in a Council owned venue which cost Wellington Fashion Week $35,000, and the Council also required that they received revenue on ticket sales and received all of the bar sales takings. This put a significant financial strain on the event. "Council provided the funding in advance to cover mounting debts. This transaction occurred after concerns were raised about the 2015 event even going ahead; they knew where the money was going."

"I am astounded to hear that there are claims that I have been uncontactable and defiant, and urge Council to correct this false information. I have not heard from anyone at Wellington City Council since November 2016, and was not contacted by the Dominion Post for comment. If Council is interested in opening up further dialog with me, I suggest they contact me."

The event ran successfully from 2013 to 2015 and offered a platform for local designers to showcase their collections in an industry that has become extremely difficult. With lack of wider support and underfunding, Wellington Fashion Week came to a close. “I worked tirelessly to try and make the event profitable, but ultimately I couldn’t get the support we needed to keep it running."

“It saddens me that I have not been offered the decency to respond to very serious and character damaging allegations which are completely untrue. I put my heart and soul into this event and it tears me apart to hear comments like this."