Victoria Maxwell Pic 1Established in 1989, Victoria Maxwell is a family business with labels sold by Max Webb, office and logistics ordered by wife Claudia and design and production managed by sister Victoria Toohey. Known for its womenswear with a wide range of sizes to suit all women, such as the labels David Carmody and Jacki Peters, Victoria Maxwell still manufactures in New Zealand for higher-end boutiques in New Zealand and Australia. Victoria Maxwell started exporting into Australia with the recent changes to the retail trade demanding more accounts as well as more labels.
Victoria Maxwell is taking over the handling and selling of Rose Coat Manufacturing labels while it takes a break from trade. Brian Rose has been working for Rose Coat Manufacturing, founded by his father Hy Rose in 1954, for twenty-four years. Webb and Rose have known each other for many years and both are well known in the retail trade. Both understand the needs of small businesses and the need to support local trade. Their decision will allow for seamless change, with all sales representatives staying on with their respective labels.
Webb started as a commission agent for childrenswear and fashion and is still a commission agent for Marco Polo. He enjoys working in the apparel industry for its social aspect and creative edge.
“I like the people and the business with a little bit of creativity,” said Webb.
For Rose, the apparel industry’s penchant for change keeps him on his toes.
“It’s exciting and continually changing,” said Rose.
Rose Coat Manufacturing’s labels now run by Victoria Maxwell are Cordelia St, Jacki K, Hy Rose, RJ Wear, Gitane, Ultimo, Infusion, U First, OPM and Luna Sky.