The media and television have always projected images of perfection and now with the internet and social media playing an ever-increasing part of our lives, image consciousness is a more prevalent issue than ever. We are constantly expected to be more attractive, popular and outwardly happy and are given comparisons that are virtually impossible to live up to. Psychologists are now even considering that impossible image standards are the reason that many have lost their lives to suicide. Novelist and longform journalist Will Storr examines this important topic in Selfie.

Taking us on a historical journey, the book discusses self-esteem through the ages, up until present day where research suggests that young people are on the cusp of an epidemic of narcissism. Selfie looks at how dangerous the strive for perfection can be and explores if there's a way for us to escape this level of thinking. Selfie's story is highly personal and relevant to all because whether directly or otherwise, it affects each and every one of us.