Showcasing her collection at Vancouver Fashion Week, designer Yoonkyung Jang seeks the opportunity to move her brand out of Korea. “Nothing is more important than this,” Jang said. This is SETSETSET’s first fashion week and the team is excited to debut overseas. For her Vancouver Fashion Week debut, Jang wants to design every culture product that can communicate with people. “Clothing, videos, music… Look at everything you see in your eyes and listen to everything you hear in your ears.”

The 24-year-old designer grew up in South Korea and majored in Textile Design at Hanyang University while studying various topics as she moved from Jewellery to Fashion Design. “I do not criticize Korea, but most Koreans think our culture is very countrified. I want to break that idea. I want to communicate with people around the world with Korean culture and show it to my country.”

Previously, Jang made every piece herself, but now she works with manufacturers who are more experienced. There are seven members in the SETSETSET crew consisting of a photographer, a graphic designer, an illustrator, a composer, a business director, a marketer and of course Jang as the sole designer. Just one year old, the brand was created when Jang met a producer who was looking for Korean contemporary ethic music. “We had a very passionate discussion about Korean culture and this is the origin of the current SETSETSET.”

When Jang is designing, she asks herself ‘what do I want to say?’ and she believes this is the most important thing in her practice.

SETSETSET are available in various online stores and one boutique in Korea. Jang is looking to stock her brand in more retail stores and is also looking into opening her own bricks and mortar store. When it comes to brand awareness Jang said without social media, SETSETSET would not be known to you.

Jang plans to travel the world with her culture. “We want to participate in many overseas fashion weeks as much as possible,” she said. “Our final goal is to grow into a brand that can represent Korea.”

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