Sink or Swim

Believe it or not, there is a range of options available when it comes to swimwear, and as fashion continues to grow in influence, the swimwear scene has seen a revival of style. From clashing patterns through to one shoulder bikinis, lounging by the beach has never looked so good.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns. While in a full outfit this concept might be overwhelming, when talking about bikini’s this is the best time to play around. Geometric patterns of different design and colour work best, as they tend to play off each other rather than battle for attention. It’s not common place to buy an already mixed bikini, but the best practice is to have a full arsenal at your disposal and mix around freely, creating multiple looks for minimal buy.


If you have it, flaunt it, and there is something inherently beautiful about a well-shaped back. A deep low back is great for showing off skin while remaining somewhat covered. Celebrities have embraced the trend on the red carpet, and now it’s having a moment in swimwear.


New technologies lead the way for new design, with 3D printing being no exception, extending itself into the swimwear market and opening a range of new possibilities. While it may be in an experimental stage of development right now, as the technology continues to develop, more possibilities and ideas will be explored, opening a whole new door to the way swimwear is designed and produced.


Model Kota Eberhardt put it best when she said “there’s something super-darling about being able to tap into that awkward six-year-old with arm floaties in the pool. Except this time, it’s not a fashion nightmare but rather you channelling a siren that’s sporting some seriously sweet arm puffs. Go sink some ships baby.”

The have fun and experiment sentiment is great when there are so many sleeve options, shot and puffy right through to long and lean, it is all about what the customer feels most comfortable in, and can wear confidently.


Moving its way from gowns to swimwear is the cold shoulder trend that sees new bikini and one-piece designs move to one strap and play around with balancing an asymmetric design. Typically executed in an ultra-simplistic design, the one-shoulder options are another fashion-forward way to breathe new life into a category that can at times seem very same-same.


There is no denying the incredible influence of athleisure in the every-day fashion market, and so it’s no surprise that it has rubbed off on new swimwear options. The halter neck is a quintessential style in the sportswear market and has integrated itself into the various swimwear ranges for customers focussed on attaining the athletic aesthetic.


Unlike the monokini, which for the most part is a group of strings designed to pinch and pucker the second anybody moves, creative cut outs follow the natural curve of the body and offer a great compromise between full coverage and full blown bikini.