Quickly summed up as ‘fashion you can hear’ designer Marc Moore has translated his fierce love of music into the 11-year strong fashion brand, Stolen Girlfriends Club. After working in the surf apparel industry in various sales and marketing roles, Moore decided one night with his friends that he was going to design clothes that he would want to wear.

While the initial years were riddled with mistakes and accidents, he eventually found his groove and is now continuously developing new designs for a brand experiencing continuous growth. He describes the company as a brand with a pulse, focussed on entertainment and giving its customers not just clothes they like but experiences they remember.

“We love putting on shows. It’s a big part of the reason why we do what we do. The show gives us the ability to entertain and engage with our community. It’s a way of telling the story of the collection without having to spell it out in black and white,” said Moore.

The focus moving forward is on developing more leather offerings, one of its most commercially successful categories. It has been so successful that there are now waiting lists for its current Classic Biker Jacket, prompting questions about what else they could develop in the range.

The brand is focussed predominantly in New Zealand. However, there is a range of international stockists alongside the continued development of its local wholesale and flagship retail, both online and physical.