Superette International

Superette International has quickly become a staple for Newmarket shopping, with the new retail establishment bringing high-end brands and intimate experiences to Aucklanders. Superette director Rickie Dee sat down with Apparel Magazine to discuss the unique customer experience this new development presents.

One of the biggest appeals of this new retail outlet is the intense variety of international brands on offer. While the current Superette stores are primarily full of designers from across Australasia, Superette International intends to diversify Kiwi’s exposure to overseas brands, making them as loved and sought after as those currently available across the country. “When Superette first started we brought a lot of designers to New Zealand for the first time, a lot of which have grown alongside us and become household names,” revealed Dee. “When creating Superette International, this has remained in front of our minds and has developed the new concept to be all about discovery.” These international brands vary from well-established names to emerging talents, all bringing the same focus on highly considered trends, elevated accessories and premium wardrobe essentials. 

In terms of aesthetics, the new store bears the brand's same signature as their other outlets. Raw architectural elements paired with luxurious accents including velvets, textural cast concrete and draped curtains create a polished and chic environment for shoppers, reflecting the feel of the clothes that line their racks. Melbourne based design company DesignOffice collaborated with the retailer to create this unique aesthetic. “They really push the boundaries of what a retail space can be, every detail is considered, and they’re just people that we genuinely love to work with,” Dee volunteered. With over 17 years in business, Dee expressed that the retail group have learnt a lot about what does and does not work in their spaces but were always open to new ideas, and the DesignOffice brought these in droves. 

We’re really committed to harnessing innovation to elevate the shopping experience, and as a result, we’ve created a totally personalised service to make the lives of our customers easier.

With such a variety of brands present in this new store as well as the modern take on aesthetics, it was critical for the company that their retail services also reflect this unique approach to fashion. “The space itself is quite different from our current stores,” Dee expressed. While the store shares similar design features to its predecessors, it is the retail experience which is the most significant addition and is what Dee hopes will put their store on the map. “We’re really committed to harnessing innovation to elevate the shopping experience, and as a result, we’ve created a totally personalised service to make the lives of our customers easier.” Customers can book one-on-one appointments with one of the group’s six in-house stylists who can help them develop a head to toe look which fits their desired aesthetic. “As we continue to strive to redefine retail, we’ve also created an online version of this service that delivers a curated range to some of our customers based outside of Auckland,” shared Dee. This intimate service is what will allow this new retail development to stand out from the crowd and prove that wholesale in New Zealand is still a force to be reckoned with. 

This new development is the beginning of a new chapter for the company. Dee expressed that there will be new projects on their horizon, and they shall continue to look towards the future. “We’re always aiming to be better than we were yesterday so for us our focus is on continuing to improve and develop both Superette and Superette International.”