Synonymous with Music Subcultures – Dr. Martens X PLEASURES

DM X Pleasures

The journey of self-expression for those who stand out from the crowd has always been accompanied by a pair of Dr. Martens.

Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by diverse individuals, musicians, youth cultures and tribes, making their latest collaboration a natural fit, celebrating the 90s grunge slacker attitude and DIY approach with PLEASURES.

Not afraid to poke fun or push for controversy, PLEASURES is a graphically charged unisex brand founded in 2015 by Alex James and Vlad Elkin. Using clothing as a medium, the brand’s focus and goal is to introduce and educate global audiences about art, music and 90’s subcultures. 

The Dr. Martens X PLEASURES Jorge Mule draws upon the do-it-yourself attitude of 90’s zine culture and channels it into an easy-going sandal. Featuring DM’s trademark yellow stitch and grooved sole famous for its durability and comfort, the Jorge Mule imagines the classic mule resulting from a cut up shoe. 

"Just chop the back off," James put it.

An ode to extreme comfort with soft black Nappa leather, and a chilled out Vibe sole, the mule is completed with embroidered PLEASURES script. 

The DM X PLEASURES Jorge Mule is available now exclusively at