Texworld Denim

Texworld Denim, a part of the trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France welcomed an increase in attendance from almost every continent. Buyers and industry professionals flocked to see a number of exhibitions and talk about the fashion industry. Michael Scherpe, president of Messe Frankfurt Frace, said, “The atmosphere remained very vibrant throughout. Prime contractors attended the shows in the first place for work and to satisfy their curiosity. I am delighted to see the full effects of our strategy – encouraging contact with the materials, the skills and the people who offer them.”

The 4th session of Texworld Denim drew some thirty exhibitors from essential places throughout the denim sector; Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and Turkey. Scherpe said, “Although slightly out of step with the denim industry’s timetables, Texworld Denim Paris still offers a key advantage; As it is held at the same time as the events dedicated to fashion, the show attracts ready-to-wear labels that weavers and clothing manufacturers do not really meet elsewhere. Texworld Denim, therefore, enjoys mutual benefits with the other shows and exploits its fashion credentials to the maximum.” Texworld Denim highlighted sustainability as a key influencing factor for the industry. As much as companies were browsing looks and business ventures, there was a sense of importance bestowed upon eco-friendly supply and sustainable sourcing. For instance, the Chinese firm King Jolly Textiles that works with organic cotton and has several ‘green’ labels, “met mostly with European brands; the exhibition proved to be very conducive to business and excellent for making new contacts,” according to the commercial director, Christine Jiang.

Texworld Denim is increasingly establishing itself as a fundamental tradeshow in the denim world.