The Mule

Clint Eastwood is tackling both the director’s role and the lead actors’ positions for this highly anticipated film. His character, 80-year-old Earl Stone, signs on to be a drug courier for a Mexican Cartel, but his task becomes more dangerous as his cargo increases. Stone begins to dwell on his past mistakes as his future becomes dimmer.

Eastwood signed on longtime costume designer Deborah Hopper to tackle this film, and the esteemed professional pulled together a wardrobe which supported the gritty underworld Stone found himself dragged into. Hopper’s costuming of Stone emphasised his age and fragility, and thus increased the audience's concern for the character. Stone wore oversized clothing to make his frame appear smaller, the colours were dull with beige and grey playing heavy parts in the design. The styling played reference to a time gone by, with dusty baseball caps, face-hugging sunglasses and polo shirts tucked into high waisted trousers with black belts. All the elements combined to create a highly aged look, which conflicted with the vicious world Stone finds himself in.

His innocent grandfather like appearance is to Stone’s benefit, giving him anonymity as a drug mule, but nobody runs forever. Despite his age, the character is staring down the barrel of a nasty showdown, which are staples of Eastwood’s films.