Thunderpants have combined whimsey and playfulness with hard-hitting sustainability efforts to create a brand which appeals to the different needs of their consumers. The brand’s fun patterns create a charming experience for consumers who are looking for carefree and comfortable intimates, rather than troublesome lingerie with a short lifespan. “The idea with Thunderpants was that they would be New Zealand made, hard wearing, and cut with enough fabric to actually sit in the right place and stay there - alongside bringing joy with the colours and prints,” related Josie Bidwill, the company’s director.

The brand has been making sustainability efforts since they first began operating in 1995. “It was difficult to source sustainable fabrics back then. It took quite a few years to persuade our suppliers but was well worth the effort as we are now fully fair-trade organic with our cotton consumption,” explained Bidwell. But the brand didn’t stop there, as they have continued to find new ways of expanding their sustainable practices. “We intend to continue doing what we are doing and look to find an ethical, sustainable option for everything we use,” Bidwill asserted. This includes the development of their swimwear line to utilise recycled fishing nets in their manufacturing process. The brand’s positive message is about to be shared on a much larger scale as they prepare to launch UK Thunderpants, bringing fun and sustainable intimates to more people around the world.

For brands looking to incorporate sustainability into their business practices, Bidwill was able to lend some heartfelt advice. “Don’t try to do everything at once, every step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction. Don’t be too hard on yourself though as part of sustainability is staying afloat as a business.” Thunderpants’ use of staunch and fun intimates with New Zealand made, fair-trade and organic practices combine the best of both worlds for consumers, giving the brand an edge as they look to tackle their new international market.