parasite eve designs by eve jenkins. models in fairy tale-inspired clothing

Paying homage to an old video game, Parasite Eve Designs was created in 2011 by Eve Jenkins. “The game was a favourite of mine, and my friends came up with the name because they thought it fit.” Jenkins first started in fashion working in costuming for several years, where she wanted to create more original designs. Alongside Jenkins is her co-designer Andrew Flatland, who focuses on headpieces and accessories. 

Available online at, the collection she is showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week is called Labyrinth and is based on the world of fairy tales, myths, and legends. Each gown is unique within the collection and is based on ancient gods, goddesses and other mythological creatures. By showing at Vancouver Fashion Week, Jenkins wanted to do a larger scale show outside of the United States and when she was approached by the team it was the perfect opportunity.