Based in Noosa on Australia's Sunshine Coast, Erin Clare Bridal launched in 2002 with a focus on creating unique wedding gowns for the fashion-forward bride. The label is synonymous with romantic yet edgy bespoke gowns created with exquisite fabrics. Designer Erin Clare Oberem has a handpicked team of eight working on her brand. Her pieces can be found in boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles and from her very own Honey Myrtle Studio in Noosa.

The collection she is showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week is titled Eclipse. It embodies a laid-back elegance and was inspired by an array of incredible women they have had the honour of dressing for their big day. “We focused our attention on fabrics and silhouettes that would excite and flatter the modern bride,” said Oberem. “Eclipse features unique laces that embrace nature, laces embellished with feathers, flowers, leaves, stars and butterflies.” The collection’s colour palette is soft white, ivory, and a range of soft nude tones. Oberem added that there are a lot of highlights in the Eclipse collection. “For me, it would be our beaded lace Eadie gown and our star covered Luna gown.” This is the first time Oberem is showing her designs at Vancouver Fashion Week and she can’t wait for her show. By showing at Vancouver Fashion Week, Oberem explained that social media has been fantastic in reaching international brides ordering directly online. “We hope to stock some boutiques in Canada and the USA.”