yas gonzalez fashion shoot. a model stands on a blue car, a cape flying out on the wind

Cuban-American fashion designer Yas Gonzalez is the artistic force behind House of Yas. She’s young but accomplished, having already launched a swimwear line and had her designs worn by an array of designers and influencers in film, print, and on the red carpet. 

Gonzalez is the lead designer on her team and has an influence over every garment created. The collection showing at Vancouver Fashion Week is inspired by Cuba, which has the team excited. “My experiences as a young girl in Cuba come to life in this colourful collection,” Gonzalez described. She personally shot each image transferred on to the fabrics, as they’re all of places that mean a lot to her. The Church she attended as a child, her great-grandmother’s kitchen tiles – this collection is a colourful, authentic depiction of Cuban life.

It ties into the wearable art trend currently on the rise. The colourful clothing tells a story but is also a real visual treat.

This is Gonzalez’s first time showing at VFW, and she couldn’t be more excited. She hopes the public will enjoy her garments, as they’re a representation of herself as well as her brand. “This collection is Cuba through my eyes,” she commented.

House of Yas is available from her studio in Miami or online.